Discover the world quickly and comfortably. Remote destinations at hand.

Travelling by plane

Freedom and thrills guaranteed. Discover charming roads and extraordinary landscapes.

Travel by motorbike

Connect with nature and explore breathtaking scenery. A unique and rewarding experience.

Travel by trekking

Car hire

The most beautiful road trip routes

Enjoy an incredible and unforgettable experience by choosing the right car for your road trip. With proper planning and thoughtful tours, make your journey seamless. There are many options for renting the perfect vehicle for the road trip of your deepest desires. You can visit a traditional rental agency or use an online service to find the perfect car. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the rental, including the minimum age required to drive and the necessary documents such as a driving licence.

Car hire

Unusual travel

Unusual transport to try once in a lifetime

 Enjoy an incredible experience and discover new cultures and breathtaking landscapes by using unusual transport. Plan a gentle journey with a water taxi or get a rush of adrenaline by flying in a helicopter.

water taxi

Water taxi


Enjoy a memorable ride by water taxi and discover the countryside. Sail the canals and see the sights from a new perspective with a water taxi

helicopter flight

Helicopter flight


Explore your destination from a bird’s perspective for stunning views and enjoy a unique and thrilling helicopter flight experience.

night train

Night Train


Take a comfortable getaway as a couple, family or solo and discover new destinations by night train.

Holiday inspiration

Travel inspirations from around the world

The most bike-friendly cities to discover

Cycling is the ultimate mobility tool for the 21st century. Discover the most cyclist-friendly cities with adequate infrastructure. Well-developed cycle paths and a cycling culture for a unique experience.

The most bike-friendly cities to discover

Travelling by motorhome: practical tips

Travel freely with a motorhome. Plan your itinerary and stops to make the most of your trip. Don’t forget to check equipment and parking rules

Travelling by motorhome

Responsible tourism

Discover a new way to travel

Discover the most authentic destinations while preserving the planet and respecting the local communities. Travel in a contemporary, ethical and sustainable way to have a positive impact on the world and its wonders.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Eco-friendly accommodation

Stay in harmony with nature in an environmentally friendly accommodation.

Eco-friendly transport

Eco-friendly transport

Travel in a responsible and modern way using sustainable modes of transport.

The most eco-friendly destinations

The most eco-friendly destinations

Discover preserved, incredible, magical places that are suited for responsible tourism.